1.  Any student in grades 9-12 or equivalent who has not reached the age of 21 by May 1st preceding the Intel ISEF may attend a fair affiliated with the Intel ISEF.

2. A student (team or team member) may only have one project per fair.

3. A team of may consist of two or three members and may attend a fair affiliated with the Intel ISEF provided that each member is eligible.

4. A team that enters a regional fair may not change or delete members for the purpose of attending a state fair or Intel ISEF.

5. A student (team) may compete in only one ISEF affiliated fair except when proceeding to a state/national fair affiliated with the ISEF from an affiliated regional fair.

6. Regional and state fairs affiliated with the Intel ISEF award a student (team) sponsorship to attend the ISEF.

7. If a student (team) is in a named region of a regional fair, the student (team) must attend the regional fair in this region.  If he/she is selected by the regional fair, he/she can attend the state fair for that region.  If the state fair or the regional fair awards him/her sponsorship, he/she can attend the ISEF. 

8. If a student (team) is not in a named region of a regional fair, this student (team) can:
   a. Attend the closest regional fair that will accept him.  The regional fair does not have to accept the student.  If the regional fair that accepts the student is not in the state of residence of the student, the attendance of the student to the state fair of the region is at the option of the regional and state fairs.  
   b. Attend the closest state fair as an at-large student (team).  A state fair held by the state that the student is resident of must accept this student.  A state fair does not have to accept a non-resident student (team).  The student (team) assumes responsibility for obtaining the state fair’s permission to attend.

9. If a student (team) has been awarded sponsorship by a regional fair and also by a state fair, this student (team) will receive the state fair sponsorship.  The regional fair can select another student to receive the vacated sponsorship to the ISEF.  The regional fair can vacate any additional awards won by the original student (team) and award them to the selected student (team), any other student (team) or allow the original student (team) to keep them.