These forms will insure students conduct safe and ethical experiments and that the research was conducted only for the 12 months preceding the fair date.

You must have these items as part of your project:
Project Log Book
Self-supporting project display board ( BSSEF Requirements are the same as ISEF )
Any SRC (Scientific Review Committee) forms (per below)

Any other display required items (laptop, extension cord, etc.)

Complete any forms required for your project.  Please print legibly!  Single sided copies are best. 
All entries require a Photo/Data Use Permission Form .
All entries require a Specialty Award Self Selection Form.
All projects require Forms 1, 1A, 1B and a Research Plan. 
Print your blank form(s), complete, and get any required signatures. 
Make sure your signature dates are correct!
BPS:  Before project starts
APE:  After project ends
Submittal date is the last date that the forms will be accepted by BSSEF.

SRC (Scientific Review Committee) Forms

Form 1:  Checklist for Adult Sponsor/Safety Assessment (to be completed by the adult sponsor)
Form 1A:  Student Checklist/Research Plan
Research Plan:  Note:  Form 1A has research plan instructions
Form 1B:  Approval Form

Some projects require more forms per the below list.  Please review ISEF guidelines to see if you need any of these forms.

Form 1C:  Registered Research Institutional/Industrial Setting Form (to be completed by the Supervising Adult in the setting)
Form 2:  Qualified Scientist Form (Must be completed and signed BEFORE the start of student experimentation)
Form 3:  Risk Assessment Form (Required for pojects using hazardous chemicals, activities or devices.  Must be completed before experimentation.
Form 4:  Human Subjects and Informed Consent Form   (Required for all research involving human participants)
Sample:  Informed Consent Statement
Form 5:  Vertebrate Animal Form (5A and 5B) (Required for all research involving vertebrate animals)
Form 6A:  Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Form   (Required for any projects with blood and/or bodily fluids)
Form 6B:  Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form   (Required for any projects with blood and/or bodily fluids
Form 7:  Continuation Projects Form  (if a previous project is continued)
Abstract Form (For regional fair use only)  (Use C.  Abstract Form with 22 Scientific Categories)