Please review the requirements outlined in the Eligibility Guide.   If you have any questions, please contact .

Step 1:
Complete and submit the Student Interest Form .  This form lets us know that you are interested in entering a project.

Step 2:
Learn about Science Fairs by visiting our Resources page.
Think about a project or idea you are interested in studying.  Discuss your ideas with parents, teachers, or student advisors.  Sometimes, if you get stuck, you might have to consider another idea.

Get certification before you start on your project.  Official Abstract and Certification Form is found at the Student Society for Science website.  (Use C.  Abstract Form with 22 Scientific Categories)  Some forms must be signed and dated before you start work on your project.
Read about the scientific method.

Begin your project journal .   Make notes in your journal on the method that pertains to your project.  Document everything.
Consult with your mentors during your project work.

Step 3:
When your project is ready for submission, complete these forms as they are required for your project.  If you need help in determining which forms are required for your project, or if you have questions about the content of the forms, contact our Scientific Review Committee Chair (Dr. Xiaowen Bai) at .  
Complete the Student Registration Form .  Each team member must complete a Student Registration Form, and the team leader will submit one packet of forms/documents for the team.

Step 4:
Assemble your packet for submittal.   Single sided copies are best.   Suggested deadline for your packet is 1Mar18.
  a.  Make sure all forms are dated (with the required date) and signed (if required). 
  b.. Complete the Specialty Award Self Selection Form .  Complete one form per project/team.
  c.  Complete the Photo/Data Use Waiver form , sign and enclose with your packet.  Each team member must complete this form.
  d.  Include your fee of $20.00 per project/team.  Make check payable to Wisconsin Science Education Foundation.  The fee can be waived for economic hardship. Contact if you need financial assistance.

Step 5:
Mail your packet to:
Pat Harvey,
2041 S. 93rd St.,
West Allis, WI 53227-1525. 

She will acknowledge receipt of your packet. It will be reviewed by our Scientific Review Committee team, and you will be notified of any additional requirements.