Alexis Wilkinson – BSSEF finalist 2009

Alexis Wilkinson grew up in Wisconsin and graduated from Nicolet High School in 2011 after participating in Intel ISEF twice, becoming a finalist through BSSEF in 2009. Though she envisioned getting a degree in biomedical engineering, after gaining admission to Harvard she discovered the 140-year-old humor magazine the Harvard Lampoon, eventually becoming its first black female president. She eventually graduated with a BA in economics and a secondary in psychology. After graduation, she wrote for the Emmy award-winning HBO series "Veep." She currently writes for FOX's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and lives in Los Angeles. 

Quote: "Though I'm not a scientist any longer and have only a tenuous grasp on basic algebra most days, participating in BSSEF & Intel ISEF is one of my favorite high school memories. I got to dive deep into a subject I care about and it also taught me the importance of being able to communicate complex ideas effectively and concisely. That skill came in handy when discussing the future of engineering and is still very applicable now that I write jokes about genitalia for television."